Our Customer Promise

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PL Taylor Electrical Services has an unequivocal policy on overcharging, we don’t tolerate it under any circumstances. Any operative disregarding our policy will be dismissed.

We rely on the recommendations of satisfied customers, so it is vital that we charge correctly and fairly for our work. Customers come back to us repeatedly because of the trust between us.

If any of our customers feel we have not met the high standards we aspire to, we would like them to make us aware of the problem. If you feel our operatives have not adhered to our promise, please contact us.

We promise…

  • Never to charge for more time spent at a job than the actual number of hours worked. Our vehicles are fitted with data-tracking systems so times can be verified.
  • Never to charge the customer for any more than 45 minutes when collecting materials, unless agreed with the customer.
  • Never to charge an excessive trade markup on materials.
  • Never to charge for two tradesmen on two-handed work unless necessary – an apprentice or labourer will be used wherever possible.
  • Never to charge for non-work-related phone calls, or engage in them during working time.
  • Never to charge for tea and lunch breaks.
  • Never to charge for unnecessary time spent away from the job, and always keep the customer informed when leaving the job.
  • Never to charge for any wasted or unnecessary time when undertaking your work.
  • Never to work less than a full 8-hour day when on a day rate.
  • Never to carry out any unnecessary work.
  • Never to talk customers into any work that is not needed.
  • Never to overcharge customers under any circumstances.

Help is always at hand…

Speak to us about how we can help you, call 01375 390366

If the work you doing need isn’t listed or hasn’t been covered in our electrical services pages, please contact us and tell us what you’re looking for.

If you require an estimate please contact us. In the meantime please read our estimation process.