Meter Box Repairs

Standard external glass-fiber meter boxes are unfortunately prone to wear and tear, weather damage and vandalism and become an eye-sore. In the past, it has been expensive and difficult to replace them. However, we are pleased to announce that we have the solution – a sturdy, weather resistant, metal replacement meter box cover. All boxes are made from commercial-grade stainless steel sheet and powder-painted white designed to be durable for many years to come. The boxes can be painted over in any colour to suit the location or your needs.

Providing we have free and easy access to your meter box, we have no need to disturb you during installation. Also, the electrical supply to your property will remain on during the installation of your new box.

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All meter boxes are designed to the dimensions specified in the Electricity Supply Industry standard ESI 12-3 (Issue 3).

The units can be installed without the need to turn off electricity or gas supplies while the work is completed.

Boxes come with a long-reach, easy-to-handle plastic key, but are all fitted with soft-spring slam locks so you can close without using the key.

The doors and frames are commercial-grade stainless steel sheet, which is tough enough to deter most vandals. They are powder-painted white but can be painted over in any colour to suit the location or customer.

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